Decorating Ideas for Bathrooms without Windows

No windows in bathroom is often we found, certainly it looked no fresh, less air, and not be healthy but all things could we conjure. For example using exhaust fan as the vacuum. And perhaps you could choose to widen the bathroom such as multiplying the wide glass in around there for giving widely atmosphere. Black and white are one of the simple hues for designing specifictly for a small room. The bathroom should not have to be wet, and you might separate the dry and wet room to be two part of rooms. It looked bathtub with black and white. The white is dominant hue for this room and the black is as the explicit and decorating. In order to it does not seem to be clumsy, the yellow hue is to be choice for the walls.

Full of ceramics in this concept bathroom, there are two parts of room, and it is blocked by the glass door. There is a one room which is dry for toilet room and washing basin and this one is shower room for taking a shower. This is the bright concept, with the bright theme in concept of room and adding the lights so as it looked sufficient wide even though it has a small room.

Natural concept for this design makes the tranquility impression. The simple layout of this bathroom is beautiful looking. As we see that the washing basin is to be based on the wood materials aimed to natural atmosphere. The circle shaped with white hue in basin looked luxurious impression. And also it is completed by oval shaped of bathtub with stainless steel faucet. Do not be worry if it would be dark because of the hue concept of this room because you could add the paste light on the ceiling. And looked the blue light from outside, even though there is no window but you could create the vents as the place for setting the air intensity.

All of the elements are full of white but dominant hue for this concept is black. It is suitable thing if both are combinated. Rectangle shaped of bathtub with arched faucet. It is followed by washing basin and toilet. It seemed so luxurious even though there is still simple atmosphere. For the walls and floor are made of black ceramics so as they could make give the widely room and luxury.

That is the unique design of bathroom with full of ceramic elements that make the widely room and simple looking because just creating the circled bathtub which like as the pond. There are the small hanging cabinet that using for tools place. It looked beautiful looking. The paste light on the ceiling is suitable to lighten this room.