How To Design and Arrange Furniture in A Long Narrow Living Room

Definitely, you would like the comfortable place specifically if you are in your home. Because the home is beautiful palace for protecting yourself and your family. The living room is the main room where you could gather with your family but the comfortableness of this space should not be wide and large. You could create narrow space to be long space. Many tricks to be able create that, because a long space could be seen the wide sizing even though actually it is a narrow space. Definitely, you could keep the walk way to one side of the room. Because it is the best way to change the narrow space. Do not put many furniture that if only they impede the ways.

And you could multiply the doors and windows for giving the wide impression. Actually, reducing some furniture or with the limited furniture could be trick for narrow space to be long living room because keeping the ways would seem widely. And for the color concept choosing, the bright and soft color is the best way in concept color.

With the best setting and layout should have to be concerned because the layout that irregularly could influence the comfortableness of the space. We always would like comfortable and best design living space and as the the trick accordingly many things that should have to be changed our-self. And there are some influences for changing this space because the narrow space is a challenge for us who would like to decorate and conjure that to be the best design. Plain or marble floor could give widely of the space specifically for a narrow space.

You could variate the layout and how to decorate the furniture in a long space. With the new style, and the color choice. Arrange the furniture is not difficult thing to decorate the space because just reducing and do not give crowd impression in a narrow space because it exactly creates the small space. The lights on the ceiling could be important things in decoration. Something bright could make wide space. And of course you could choose the unique lights as the decoration for this space.

Actually, for making and playing the color would seem the living room is more be simple and could influence the sizing of space. The laying down for big cabinet and the others regularly seemed the best way because even though the cabinet seemed so big but it aimed to the color playing. Just take two combinations between black and white could conjure the widely space. Keeping the walk way as the long ways make the large sizing of this space and the widen window is supporting this concept too.